(Below is a small excerpt from my latest fiction piece, for those that asked me for it.) Everett Blaine awoke to a searing pain in his head. It was the same, intense throbb that had plagued him for the past three weeks. He was exhausted, angry and weak, and it took all his energy to… Continue reading Absolution


Called to Wander

Open fields, warm glowing earth dazzled in early July gloom...and of course, us. Today was beautiful, and I am still glowing despite the lack of sunshine. It's always nice to pick a day in the middle of the week just to go out play. We spent all morning into the afternoon in this place, until… Continue reading Called to Wander

Sea Shells

Living in California all my life, my affinity for the sea comes fairly naturally. I was the little girl who played mermaid every chance she got, (including in the bathtub) and the one who plunged directly into the ocean water without hesitation, no matter how cold it was. My imagination could not be matched by… Continue reading Sea Shells